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(The statements below refer to AMSOIL dealerships, however they apply equally to the ALTRUM / AGGRAND product line. Your dealership authorizes you to market either or both lines.)

The AMSOIL dealership information you've requested can be found below. If your questions are not sufficiently answered here, please feel free to contact me at: , or at theFAX number at the bottom of the page. I'm happy to help in any way that I can. The information is written primarily for dealer applicants, however, the discounting on products applies to Preferred Customers as well. The same application form is used; just check the Preferred Customer box. Preferred Customers may upgrade to Dealer at any time. If you have already read the main Dealer Page, some of this will repeated information, but there are several new items for you to look at.

Take a look at these seven programs to increase your income as an AMSOIL Dealer, then read the rest of this page. ( Programs for Dealers)


Dealers receive a discount of about 15% to 20% over AMSOIL retail pricing. Dealers also receive a small discount on shipping costs. In addition, since you receive a commission on all products you have either sold or purchased each month, you could receive an extra discount on your product purchases via your monthly commission.


AMSOIL allows you to make money with your AMSOIL business in multiple ways. You can sell directly to individuals such as friends, family and/or acquaintances. You can hand out or mail AMSOIL retail catalogs to people through which they may order using your dealer number (so you get the commission). You can direct people to your website (which you can get free once you become a dealer - you just need to let me know when you are ready). You can sign up commercial accounts such as large trucking fleets, farmers, industrial shops, etc. You can sign up retail accounts such as auto parts stores, motorcycle shops, etc. You can sign up quick- lubes and auto repair shops. You can also sign up other dealers. Any products that they sell or that their dealers sell, would pay you a commission on. All of the above scenarios would result in some form of commission coming your way. The commission structure varies depending upon the type of account (personal, commercial, retail, etc.). In addition, the more products you and your accounts purchase, the higher your commission is.


AMSOIL places virtually no restrictions on you, other than following basic ethical guidelines. You do not have to sell any minimum amount each month to remain a dealer. You do not have to carry any inventory. You do not have to pay your dealers - AMSOIL takes care of that. You do not have to go to any monthly meetings. Basically, you decide what you want to do with your business, and AMSOIL is there to help in any way they can. Of course, I am also available to help anytime.


Signing up as a dealer is really very simple. There is a half page application which asks basic information such as name, phone, address, social security number, etc. You simply fill out the form, sign it, include your payment and mail it to the AMSOIL company.

The cost is very reasonable. To initially become a dealer you have two options - one for those who are serious about running their new AMSOIL business and one that is for those who just want to get their feet wet.

The first option costs $65. This includes processing of your application, one full year of all dealer rights and privileges (including product discounts and the ability to sign up other accounts) and a very comprehensive business start-up manual. If you or a customer has a question about the AMSOIL company, the AMSOIL business or AMSOIL products, you can be almost assured of finding the answer in this manual. If not, you can always contact me or the AMSOIL company.

The second option is $15. For this $15 you receive a six month trial dealership as opposed to a full year. The biggest drawback to this option is that the start-up manual is far less comprehensive and only provides basic information necessary to start your business. As I said before, if you are at all serious about building your AMSOIL business, spring for the $55 option and do it right.

NOTE: I do not make one penny from the processing fee for your dealer application. Therefore, I have no vested interest in seeing you purchase the more expensive dealership option other than my desire for your success in this business. AMSOIL doesn't pay its dealers just to sign up new dealers; AMSOIL pays for selling products, and sponsoring dealers who sell products. Always, the emphasis is on sales.

With either option, when the initial dealer term expires (6 months for the trial dealership, 1 year for the full dealership) you pay a $30 renewal fee. This fee is paid annually in order to remain a dealer. If you purchase over $80 in products over the course of the year, you'll pay for your dealership through your dealer discount. A $10/6 month trial and $20/year fee applies to Preferred Customers.

I hope that this answers at least your most basic questions about an AMSOIL dealership. If there are other questions which I have not answered, please let me know. If you've decided that you'd like to sign up as an AMSOIL dealer, simply download the following file(US or Canada), run the executable, and print the dealer application. Applications not available in other countries. These documents are in .PDF format and require Adobe Reader to open. (For each download, Right Click, Click on "Save Target As...., and "Save").

  • Dealer/Preferred Customer Application Form (U.S. and Puerto Rico)
  • Dealer/Preferred Customer Application Form (Canada and New Zealand)
Download Adobe Reader®: Adobe Reader

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If you have further questions, please contact me at the email address or the Fax number below. Thank you very much for your interest.

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