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If you have a website in one or more of our categories, have an active resources page(s), and would like to exchange website links with Natural Sunflower, email us at , and include the necessary information for your link: Site Name, URL, Description, and General Category. Copy either of the HTML codes below to place the link on your site. Notify us when your link is up and we will reciprocate.

General Category: Health Products, Health, Natural Health
Sub-Categories (if applicable): Supplements, Nutrition, Organic Gardening

Please Read the Conditions for Exchanging Links with This Site:
  • Please check to make sure that you are not already linked to this site.
  • Link Partner must be relevant to the theme of this directory. If you don't see a relevant category that your website fits into then don't submit your site.
  • Link Partner web site must have a well structured, relevant link directory to be considered.
  • Link Partner web site must have a direct link on their home page to their link directory page. There must be no more than two clicks to any link category.
  • The following types of sites are excluded from consideration:
    • Sites with non-themed links in their directories, such as casino or real estate links on an automotive site, etc.
    • Sites with link directories that cannot be indexed by the search engines (This includes framed and dynamic sites.)
    • Sites with more than 50 outgoing links per page.
    • Sites that host their link directories on another domain, including the so-called "directories."
    • Sites that participate in automated link exchanges, or link farms.
    • Free web sites and FFA web sites.
    • Sites with excessive pop up ads.
    • Sites that use any technique to mislead the search engines.
    • Sites that do not practice ethical linking practices or violate any of the search engine guidelines.
  • Please do not send a second "reminder" email.
  • All sites requesting link exchanges are "vetted" for quality of the site and the link program.
  • Again, please check to make sure that you are not already linked to this site.

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These web site links are listed as a convenience to our visitors. If you use these links, Natural Sunflower takes no responsibility and give no guarantees, warranties or representations, implied or otherwise, for the content or accuracy of these third-party sites.



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