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Paternity / Identity / DNA Testing Services

Our Identity Testing Center has in-house DNA laboratory for Paternity Test
The DNA Identity Testing Center of Bio-Synthesis, Inc. is a leading provider of private, legal, and forensic DNA paternity tests. Our identity testing center has in-house DNA laboratory for paternity test. You can count on us.

DNA Paternity Test
We provide accurate, convenient, affordable, confidential DNA paternity test and the highest level of service. Genelex offers a range of genetic testing services.

DNA Testing
DNA Testing - When your ready to know, we're here to help with our easy, discreet, painless, accurate DNA Testing Services.

DNA Paternity Testing Experts
DNA paternity testing with accredited DNA Testing Laboratory accuracy. Offering low prices and not a cheap paternity test.

DNA Paternity Testing Kits
Paternity testing laboratory with fast, accurate, reliable, and confidential results.

Family Test.com - DNA Paternity Tests
Paternity testing kits for peace-of-mind.

Paternity Tests from Advanced DNA Technology
Confidential, accurate DNA paternity testing.

Genetic Paternity Testing Professionals
Provides home paternity test kits or low cost legal results for use in court.

DNA Genetic Testing
Determigene provides genetic and DNA testing services across the United States. We provide DNA testing services and DNA self-test home kits for paternity testing, twin zygosity, ancestry testing, siblingship analysis, infidelity testing, nutritional analysis.

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