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If You Don't Help Your Heart Now, You'll Hate Yourself Later

Following a good exercise routine is one of the best ways to lower cholesterol. To get the best results, you have to find the time to fit exercises into your everyday life. For many people, fitting in the proper exercise program can seem impossible with all the other demands of life. However, follow these helpful tips that can get exercise back into your life, no matter how heavy of a workload you suffer from.

a. Starting the Routine
If it has been a while since you have exercised, start slow. Don't leap into an intense schedule all at once. You will want to work yourself up to a five times a week. If you start an exercise program too quickly, you can end up burnt out and even in pain. The best thing to do is talk to your doctor about any health problems that you have, and what type of exercise program will be right for your personal condition.Think about working out like another appointment you would have. Schedule times like you would a doctor's appointment or a trip to the dentist. Also, schedule different activities and exercises for yourself during the week, so that you don't get bored with repetition.

b. What Else is Included?
If you do chores that allow you to move a lot and get your blood flowing, you can consider it as part of your exercise routine. Simple household chores like vacuuming and washing your car also counts as active additions to your exercise routine. Exercise exists in various forms which you should really look out for. You could try, for example, going up the stairs instead of riding an elevator as a form of exercise. You can strengthen your heart and build up on leg muscles by taking the stairs. As you do your daily activities, strive to take longer ways to get to your destinations. It is also best to wear those running shoes and go on foot to do errands instead of taking the car. Engaging in walking routines helps lose weight as well as lower cholesterol. When you are on your way to the store, it helps to park it a little further down to get walking mileage.

c. Having Time
Some people just can't seem to find the time to fit 30-60 minutes of solid exercise into their daily schedule. That's OK- instead, break up your workouts into 10 to 15 minute intervals to get the same results. Many studies have come out to say that this is just as an effective way to exercise. Although regular exercise can strengthen a persons heart and lower their cholesterol, it can also be fun. Add in the benefits of weight loss, strengthening and emotional well-being, and you will find that exercise can bring amazing results!

About the Author - Alana D. Richardson is the author of the Low Fat Diet to Reduce Cholesterol blog focused on the preservation of the Italian healthy eating traditions to inform people on heart diseases and unhealthy eating habits.

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