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AMSOIL / ALTRUM / AGGRAND Preferred Customer Plan

Preferred Customer Wholesale Pricing

AMSOIL INC has long provided the opportunity for individuals to purchase all of our premium synthetic lubricants, fine filtration products, car care products, the AGGRAND line of natural fertilizers, the ALTRUM all-natural health supplements, and the quality Aqua-Brite water filters at Dealer cost by simply becoming an AMSOIL / ALTRUM Dealer.

Now the opportunity to purchase products at Dealer Discount prices has been extended through a Preferred Customer Program that can be enjoyed by everyone.

This program provides an excellent means of obtaining the best possible prices and services, much like joining a warehouse club or other discount program, but without the hassel. AMSOIL/ALTRUM's Preferred Customer Program gives you all of the following advantages:

  • Preferred Customers buy AMSOIL/ALTRUM products at Dealer cost (generally about a 20% discount off Retail Prices).
  • Preferred Customers do not have to sign any contract or provide social security numbers.
  • Preferred Customers may become Dealers at any time. Once you have tried AMSOIL/ALTRUM products, you can join in later in the opportunity to become a Dealer and take advantage of the opportunity to make great part time income as a Dealer after you are sure that AMSOIL provides all the cost savings and benefits we talk about.
  • Preferred Customers feel none of the responsibility of owning a business.
  • Preferred Customers experience all the benefits of AMSOIL/ALTRUM products.
  • Preferred Customers receive an Oil and Air Filter Look-up Guide, Product Brochure, and other information from AMSOIL explaining our products and programs.
  • Preferred Customers receive the AMSOIL Action News magazine,and ALTRUM Health News so they are continually educated on new products, racing news and test results.
  • Preferred Customers have the choice of trying out AMSOIL/ALTRUM products as a Preferred Customer for 6-months at a cost of just $10.00, or may choose a 12-month Preferred Customer account at a cost of just $20.00.
  • Preferred Customers can keep saving on their purchase of AMSOIL, AGGRAND, ALTRUM, PURE POWER, and AQUA BRITE products by renewing their Preferred Customer Account after their initial sign-up period for just $20.00 per year.

If you believe you would like to sign up as a preferred customer, you may do so from within the Online Store. Signing up online enables you to immediately receive Preferred Customer pricing.

Alternatively, you can download an application to sign up as a preferred customer. The application is the same one used to sign up as a dealer, except you check the preferred customer option instead. You may also sign up by telephone at 800-777-7094. When signing up by phone or application form, please allow 7 - 10 working days to receive your account number.
Product aproved by FDA

There is NO obligation in downloading this material.

You may download a PDF file for the Dealer / Preferred Customer Application here:
Dealer / Preferred Customer Application (US)
Dealer / Preferred Customer Application (Canada)

If you would like more information on ALTRUM/AGGRAND/AQUA-BRITE products before you place your order, just close this window and continue browsing our site.

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Want More?
Try an ALTRUM Dealership.

AMSOIL and ALTRUM products are sold only through independent dealers.

People like you. People who want extra money, something to do in their spare time, a second career after retirement, even a full-time business.

You can start an independent AMSOIL Dealership for $65...and put as much - or as little - time into it as you want.

There's always plenty of support...never any hassles. No quotas to fill. No inventory requirements. You're your own boss. It's the ideal business opportunity.

You can sell to commercial and retail accounts as well as to individuals...you can post a web site on the internet (see below). It's up to you... extra money, a full-time income, or rock-bottom prices on AMSOIL, ALTRUM, and the other quality products in the AMSOIL family.

FREE Professional website available to everyone who signs up for Dealer status. Sell your products on the internet through your own professionally designed and maintained website, provided FREE by your sponsor and Direct Jobber. Check this out on the "NO OBLIGATION" link below.

NO-OBLIGATON Dealer Information and Application

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