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ALTRUM All-Natural Health Supplements

A J 'Al' Amutuzio, CEO, AMSOIL, Inc The ALTRUM division of AMSOIL INC was created to carry our tradition of excellence into other markets, including nutritional supplements, organic lawn and gardening products, and water filtration. ALTRUM is devoted to bringing you the very best in these fields with the excellence only an industry leader can provide.

When you have your health you have everything. That's why it's so important to protect and guard your good health through proper diet, exercise, and prompt medical attention when needed. And that's why for many years, long before I started this company, I exercised regularly, kept a healthy diet, drank quality water, and took vitamin supplements every day. The ALTRUM division offers you the same opportunity to better your health and your life.
- A. J. Amatuzio
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