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The World's Best Multi-Vitamins

ALTRUM's "World's Best Multi's" are complete, state-of-the-art nutritional supplements, formulated from over twenty-five years of research. The ALTRUM Multi's incorporate the latest research in nutritional science, providing significant levels of every nutrient required for optimal health. Over 130 life-sustaining ingredients are in each of the Ultra Multis, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, herbs, amino acids, and more.

As experts have shown, the standard American diet is inadequate in supplying all of the nutrients needed for optimal health. ALTRUM'S "World's Best Multi's" are an exceptional way to ensure you are getting all of the nutrients you need in the most advanced, most effective form possible. ALTRUM's "World's Best Multi's" are manufactured at 110 percent potency, preserving nutrient effectiveness and ensuring shelf life beyond 18 months at full label potency.

Ultra Multi with Iron Ultra Multi with Iron (DNU)

The Ultra Multi is our most advanced all-in-one formula and the flagship supplement of the ALTRUM Nutritional Product Line. This premium multi-vitamin formula is comprised of over 130 vital ingredients, reflecting the latest breakthroughs in nutritional science. A unique protein chelation of the minerals allows for to six times the absorption of essential minerals over non-chelated minerals.

The key foundation to the "Ultra Multi's" is a superfood/herbal base of 1400mg, and a super antioxidant/bioflavinoid blend of 266mg.

The Ultra Multi is a premium upgrade to the DNA Economy Multi, providing all its benefits plus 38 new ingredient additions.

No other multi-vitamin product provides you with such quality, value, and performance. Why use anything else when you can get it all in one?

Ultra-Multi Ingredients

Ultra-Multi with Iron

  • DNU-01, bottle (180 tablets)
  • DNU-06, (6) 180-tablet bottles
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A. J.'s Ultra Multi without Iron (DWI)

Same great formula as the Ultra Multi, but without the Iron. It was formulated for males who have sufficient Iron in their diets.

A. J.'s Ultra Multi without Iron (DWI)

Read what AMSOIL Dealer Guy Baldwin had to say about Ultra Multi and A. J.'s Ultra Multi:

"In March 1999 I was in a drugstore picking up some prescriptions and I noticed a book that caught my interest, The Real Vitamin and Mineral Book, by Nancy Bruning and Shari Lieberman, PHD. I purchased it and started to read it in my spare time. The book laid in detail what modern nutritional programs should consist of. I then remembered that AMSOIL had the ALTRUM Health Division. I was amazed to find that the content and potency of the Ultra Multis was almost exactly what is suggested for optimum daily intake guidelines in the book. My wife Venus and I immediately ordered and implemented a daily program or two tablets of A. J.'s Ultra Multi without Iron three times a day.

"Four weeks later we both started to ride our mountain bikes for the first time in a year...We were both surprised to fine that we could ride 20 miles a day. We had plenty of endurance with no soreness or physical side-effects."

Ultra-Multi Ingredients

Ultra-Multi without Iron

  • DWI-01, bottle (180 tablets)
  • DWI-06, (6) 180-tablet bottles
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Children's Chewable Multi (DCC) Children's Chewable Multi (DCC)

Children's Chewable Multi contains ingredients from the Ultra Multis which are suitable for children 1 1/2 years of age or older, or for adults who prefer a chewable multi-vitamin.

According to experts, children are lacking important vitamins and minerals in their diet. Studies report that one-third of children are deficient in iron, half lack sufficient zinc, and 90 percent lack sufficient magnesium. Half are also deficient in vitamin C, and one-third are seriously deficient in vitamin B-6. Children's Chewable Multi was specifically designed and formulated to help parents ensure their children reach their full developmental potential. Some studies suggest that getting the proper nutrients through supplements and a healthy diet can increase a child's intelligence and help build and protect their immune systems.

Children's Chewable Multi

  • DCC-01, bottle (90 tablets)
  • DCC-06, (6) 90-tablet bottles
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Daily Nutritional Support
Economy Multi (DNS)
Daily Nutritional Support (Economy Formula)

Daily Nutritional Support (Economy Formula) contains over one dozen supplements in one formula, providing significant levels of every nutrient considered important for human health, all in a balanced form to work synergistically for optimum effectiveness.

The key foundation to the DNS is 829mg of combined superfood/herbal base and super antioxidant/bioflavinoid blend, providing a full, broad-band spectrum of all the nutritional factors known to mankind, along with still undiscovered nutrients in the superfood/herbal base. This allows for the most effective absorption and the greatest nutritional benefit.

DNS contains over 100 life-sustaining ingredients including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients, enzymes, herbs, and amino acids.

Daily Nutritional Support Ingredients

No other economy formula on the market gives you so much value in an all-in-one, convenient-to-use formula.

Daily Nutritional Support

  • DNS-01, bottle (180 tablets)
  • DNS-06, (6) 180-tablet bottles

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