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The World's Best Enzymes

Enzymes are Your Most Important Daily Supplement
Life would not exist without enzymes. Enzymes are an integral part of the digestive process. From the time food enters the mouth, enzymes are at work breaking food down into smaller units until it can be absorbed through the intestinal wall. These enzymes come from two sources: those found in food itself, and those created in the body at substantial effort.

Most food enzymes are essentially destroyed at the temperatures used to cook and process food. This leaves food devoid of enzyme activity and the ability to naturally release valuable nutrients. This place the full digestive burden on your body's supply of enzymes. Digesting enzyme-deficient food is an energy-consuming task, and may be a source of tiredness after a heavy meal. Research tells us that as we grow older, the body's ability to produce enzymes decreases and tissues break down while chronic health conditions increase. By taking Ultra Daily Enzymes with each meal, you will be better able to unlock the nutrient wealth in your food. It may also take the stress off your digestive system leaving you with more energy to maintain optimal health.

Longevity Enzymes (DZM)

The Ultimate Anti-Aging Supplement
What is the benefit of long life without youthfulness? While the aging clock keeps on ticking, there are ways to aid the body in stemming aging and in staying youthful, vital and energetic. Our goal should be to increase not only our birthdays but also our active life span so we can awaken each day refreshed with energy to fill a day.

Longevity Enzymes" are life-supporting enzymes providing nutritional defense against inflammation and aging. Longevity Enzymes" support metabolic enzymes that run and renew our bodies.*

One bottle contains 90 capsules.

Longevity EnzymesTM support metabolic enzymes that run and renew our bodies.* Ultra Daily Enzymes, our food enzyme formula, supports digestive enzymes which digest our foods. Both ALTRUM Enzyme Formulas help you fully maximize and conserve your body's life-supporting and youth-renewing metabolic enzymes.*

ALTRUM Longevity Enzymes

  • DZM-01, (1) 90 capsule bottle
  • DZM-06, (6) 90-capsule bottles

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Ultra Daily Enzymes (DEU) ALTRUM Ultra Daily Enzymes (DEU)

Ultra Daily Enzymes is a unique combination of food enzymes, unlocking the nutritional wealth in food. Ultra Daily Enzymes are our most important daily supplement. This premium multi-enzyme and probiotic formula is composed of a comprehensive blend of 15 key enzymes and probiotics.

Optimal digestion is dependent upon optimal amounts of digestive enzymes. This formula contains a broad range of enzymes to help handle all foods. It also contains a special probiotic blend of friendly flora necessary to a healthy digestive system.

This product is best used as a part of a total nutritional program including the ALTRUM Multis. Each bottle contains 90 capsules.

ALTRUM Ultra Daily Enzymes

  • DEU-01, (1) 90 capsule bottle
  • DEU-06, (6) 90-capsule bottles

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Daily Enzyme Support (DES) ALTRUM Daily Enzyme Support (DES)

The Daily Enzyme Support is an economy version of the Ultra Daily Enzymes. The Daily Enzyme Support's highly active, concentrated, multiple enzymes replace the various enzymes lost in cooking and processing food, releasing the important nutritional values in food.

Daily Enzyme Support can improve the level of digestion and help assure that the maximum level of nutrient absorption is attained. These highly active, concentrated enzymes are derived from plant sources only, and include 3400 DU amylase, 9800 HUT protease, and 36.1 LU lipase. Plant enzymes are active in a much broader pH range than other enzyme products for maximum digestive function. Daily Enzyme Support also contains the probiotics, or "friendly" bacteria, lactobacillus acidophilus, and bifidus longum, which promotes and maintains intestinal health.

ALTRUM Daily Enzyme Support

  • DES-01, (1) 90 capsule bottle
  • DES-06, (6) 90-capsule bottles

  • Scientists say the major reason for illness is the lack of important enzymes.
  • Enzymes increase immune power by 700 to 1300 percent.
  • Enzymes can help your body prevent or cure life-threatening illnesses.

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