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An Analysis of Hoodia for Weight Loss

ACCORDING TO DATA PUBLISHED by the NHANES report on “Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity among Adults – United Stated, 2005-2006,” figures suggest a worrying future for the population of the United States and further afield. With 66.3% of non-institutionalized adults being overweight or obese, a worrying 32% of these are considered physically impaired by their condition.

The data also goes on to suggest that the problem is not one restricted to older generations, with 19% of 6-11 year olds being overweight. The issue has been a growing problem decade upon decade, where the UK government initially addressed obesity as being an “equality” issue, through the somewhat criticized “Black Report”.

Despite the “Black Report” blaming ignorance and equality issues for obesity and weight problems amongst adults, the continued exposure of the link between dieting and weight loss has went no way to curbing an issue which affects more of the western industrialized world than anything else. With the rise of obesity as a problem that spurs medical conditions costing the world economy over $3 Billion Dollars each year, the dieting industry has seen a massive “boom”, with diet after diet hitting the market. From the much criticized “Atkins diet” more products and commercialized strategies hit the market each year.

Scientific research suggests that of a random sample of 20 diet plans conducted between 2002-2006 sixteen showed strong evidence of measured results. So why is our world still blighted by a curable condition that affects more of us than cancer? The answer is said by many to not be our choice of diet, but how the power of human will affects the human ability to stick to the diet we choose.

That is why, on the strength of such evidence, the dieting market has seen a massive shift in the forces and aims that direct it. It is no longer the diet that is most effective for weight loss that wins; it is the diet that is able to control our eating and appetite that is the niche that needs to be filled (source: UK Department of Health).

Hoodia Gordonii* products were initially utilized by the population of South Africa for medicinal purposes, and in particular for indigestion rather than weight control and weight loss. The qualities of the core ingredients of the plant, and in particular P57 sparked a large scale bidding war after the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) patented what later became known as the core ingredient in the “Hoodia Diet”.

Hoodia weight loss and the Hoodia diet pill have been exposed to acclaim and criticism. Much of this is due to the result of pharmaceutical companies selling Hoodia Gordonii weight loss supplements that do not contain the P57 ingredient. They then go onto claim they are selling “Hoodia Gordonii” without specifying that it does not contain the patented active ingredient.

Hoodia Weight Loss and its proven results (Source: Pfizer) in suppressing eating habits may not provide weight loss on its own. The core quality in the “Hoodia Diet” is its ability to control the human desire for foods that are not compatible with our dieting strategy. The role of “Hoodia Gordonii” in the future of dieting may not be clear, however, as the market for dieting evolves we can be sure that it will have a substantial role to play.

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Article supplied by Marketing Manager, www.GordoniiHoodiaPills.com.

* These products have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. They are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease.

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