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Lecithin - Can It Slow the Aging Process?

AS WE GROW OLDER, the efficiency of various organs and metabolic processes decreases. We become more susceptible to degenerative conditions and diseases. Part of the aging process is htought to be due to impaired functioning of the cell membranes. In this case, an optimum intake of suitable lecithin (phospholipids) may contribute to slowing down the aging process. Lecithin products may therefore be termed membrane nutrients, and as such may contribute to "healthier aging."

Lecithin was among the first "modern" health products. Recent years of scientific have dramatically increased our knowledge of the potential of lecithin. The most important nutritionally significant elements of lecithin are the phospholipids. These highly specialized lipids are fundamental components of cell membranes and could be called essential to the growth, maturing, and proper functioning of all the body's six trillion cells.

The structure and function of cell membranes are essentially important for human health. Feelings of general indosposition, disturbed functions, and even diseases can in many cases be traced back to membrane damage or imbalance. Extensive clinical studies have shown that a number of cases of metabolic imbalances have been corrected by administering lecithin products.

Through the lipoproteins, phospholipids can enhance a general reduction of the blood cholesterol level. The "liquefying" effect of this cholesterol reduction virtually rejuvenates the cell membranes.

Interesting Lecithin Fact
Approximately 30 percent of your brain is composed of lecithin, and of all the muscles in the body, your heart (the hardest muscle to fatigue) has the highest lecitin content.

Phosphatidycholine in lecithin is said to have a liver-protecting function. Damage to the liver resulting from poisoning, alcohol abuse, or chronic infections can be reduced or even corrected. Phosphatidycholine is a natural precursor of choline and thus of the synthesis of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine. An increased rate of synthesis is generally associated with an improvement of memory and muscle function.

Lecithin also has an exceptionally high inositolcontent, which has been shown to enhance mood and support a positive mental outlook, among other health benefits.

All the benefits of lecithin can be yours when you use ALTRUM's Superfood Lecithin.

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