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Saw Palmetto Nutritional Support for Men *

Saw palmetto is a small palm that grows naturally in the southeastern United States, particularly Florida. Berries from the plant provide a nutritionally supportive ingredient shown to help men maintain prostate health and relieve symptoms associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), otherwise known as enlargement of the prostate. Saw palmetto has gained popularity following recent studies showing it provides nutritional ingredients that bring support and relief from short-term urinary symptoms and other symptoms of BPH. The herb's primary action for prostate health is its ability to preserve the integrity of the male sex hormone (testosterone).

Research Documents Health Benefits of Saw Palmetto
In a study reported in the Journal of Urology, men with BPH obtained significant symptom relief with saw palmetto. The study divided men between the ages of 49 and 75 with lower urinary tract symptoms into two groups, one treated with saw palmetto, and the other treated with a placebo. Maximum urinary flow was significantly higher in the treatment group compared to the placebo group, and resistance to urinary flow was significantly lower.

The American Family Physician journal reported a diagnostic and management review of BHP and found that saw palmetto and pygeum relieved health imbalances such as urinary hesitancy, weak stream, incontinence and recurrent urinary tract infections. The recommended amount for men is an average of 400 mg. per day. Research shows saw palmetto is safe for extended use. *

A.J.ís Prostate Formula Combines Powerful Nutrients for Your Prostate
A.J.'s Prostate Formula (DPF) is a powerful male health-protecting product with 14 natural ingredients that provide vital nutrition for the prostate gland. It is one of ALTRUMís most popular products for men. *

A.J.ís Prostate Formula contains saw palmetto, the herb most used for natural support of healthy prostate. For more than 200 years, Americans have used saw palmetto for medicinal purposes beyond prostate health. It also serves as a tonic and as an antiseptic as well as a remedy for urogenital problems. Saw palmetto is especially effective in supporting a healthy prostate in combination with nettle root (urtica dioica) and the bark of the African plum tree (Pygeum africanum) along with other health-supporting nutrients.

A.J.ís Prostate Formula is the most complete prostate supplement available. It contains only the highest quality ingredients in a unique formula that provides the nutrients, herbs and extracts known to support male health. *

** Visit the ALTRUM website online at www.altrumonline.com for a complete list of ingredients and to order.

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