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Vitamin D Does the Trick

Studies Show the Importance of Maintaining Optimum Levels of Vitamin D In Your Diet.

EXPOSURE TO SUNLIGHT PROMPTS YOUR BODY to create vitamin D naturally, but sunlight alone can't provide all the vitamin D you need for optimum health. Studies have shown vitamin D deficiency contributes to heart disease. It also contributes to muscle weakness and poor bone metabolism, increasing the risk of falls and fractures.

University of Melbourne researchers recruited over 1600 adults with an average age of about 80 years. The subjects' vitamin D levels were recorded and falls were logged in diaries over a period of five months. Over 35 percent were vitamin D deficient. According to the diaries, vitamin D deficiency was shown to be a reliable predictor in falls. Vitamin D deficiency is compounded by age as our skin becomes less effective at producing it and we are exposed to less sunlight.

Low levels of vitamin D may play a role in heart failure. Researchers at the Department of Nutrition, University of Bonn, Germany, collected blood samples from 54 congestive heart failure (CHF) patients over a period of five months. Compared to similar samples from a group of 34 healthy subjects, the CHF patients had significantly lower vitamin D levels. In fact, some in the CHF group had vitamin D levels that were only half of the aaverage level in the other group. Those with the lowest vitamin D levels also tended to have the most severe symptoms of CHF.

On the other hand, sufficient levels of vitamin D may reduce the risk of heart disease in older adults by as much as one-third, mostly because if prevents the buildup of calcium deposits in the arteries, a University of California study showed.

Add the reduced risk of congestive hert failure and falling when you get older and it's easy to see that a little extra vitamin D may go a long way in keeping you healthy for the long haul.

In the February 2002 Nutrition and Healing newsletter, Dr Jonathan Wright says, "It's very likely that if you're over 40 and supplement your diet with a generous amount of vitamin D, you can lower your risk of prostate, breast, and bowel cancer, along with your risk of 'essential' hypertension, osteoporosis, and tuberculosis."

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